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Firstly, I have never studied English. I do not know if I can write the most correct way. For this reason, I would like to apologize.

Attention: This blog is a medical record with serious scientific purposes and laboratory and clinical follow proven. Sending free formula of the compound I use to anyone you want and have no secret from the foundation formula. In Brazil it is virtually impossible to synthesize and get the medication without a prescription. Not commercialize this product, even being a Vitamin Supplement with pyridoxine and its active ingredient. Because in this case, would lose its objective, which is the record for scientific study in the future. And shall have commercial interests, putting people's lives at risk. In two, three or four years, I believe we put yes, such a drug for sale, but only after having absolutely sure that it does not cause chronic dependency and has no adverse reactions to those expected, for example, lack of sleep and high duly proven brain activity.

I have nothing to do with the supposed Focus X, or the Genius X, Neurofos, or anything other than this genre. And let this be clear. It is also expected, there is rather an active ingredient that will be revealed in the book to write or future after my death, by my lawyers, who have ownership of the original formula, in which I am using my own body, as a guinea pig. What does not cease to be a coldly calculated risk on behalf of a very much larger than its own limited human understanding, able to understand. What is fair enough, when passing a lifetime studying and working out a project that is part of all that is the most important and yourself, runs all risks. And I also do not put the life of any person who is not mine, at risk on a whim that is just and only my: to achieve my goals.

How is a difficult formulation to be synthesized and manipulated in Brazil, you can easily get the non-drug based formulation of it. This way you can perform a test to prove that vitamins only if applied in the correct proportions with Omega 3, but can help and improve their concentration and synapse. And gradually introduce pyridoxine or Piracetam that are more affordable.


Commercial Focus X was mounted with refinements of preciousness. Every detail has been meticulously calculated to convince you that those who take the pill, will turn the famous character of Bradley Cooper in "Limitless". According to one of the most respected and serious journalists in today's Internet, this is undoubtedly "the most organized lie that his team has seen in recent times".

See the spectacular news above, which was published on October 27, 2015, at the website: Which for the heedless who are unable to read with attention the link to your browser, will think they are really on the website Contests in Brazil this yes it is a legitimate news portal, competent and serious. The entire layout of the contest was plagiarized Brazil: from the logo to the menu.

The bogus "report" says that the poor gari code-named José, who has studied only up to the fifth teaching series is based, used a new brain supplement, offered by a friend. Days later, on the miraculous effects that completely natural substance, Joseph studied and passed the competition for Technical IRS. But it is not that José Rodrigues looks a lot like the street sweeper Renato Sorriso also, perhaps the most famous gari and known in Brazil. Our, or is he or his twin brother, who is also gari.

And this is the real purpose of the Focus X, where advertising is so perfect and elaborate that even journalists from TV Cultura fell in their coup. Without checking its sources, the paper's editors allowed to pass the report below, totally irresponsible, and that hurts any journalism principle:

Yeah. This really happened. Too good to be true. These claims are a farce. Except that everything was cleverly reinforced by a cyber-crook, who thought the smallest detail. But why so many people fall into this kind of scam?

The Focus X is a seduction by promising something that everyone wants, even I, of course: faster reasoning, an untiring mind, elephant memory and intelligence that would envy even Einstein. They say that when a promise is good and very advantageous to the holy suspicious, especially here in this country where there is always someone assuring its outside, which is at least expected and comical.

The text may have journalistic character, but it is important to note that behind this whole garment, it is just a simple propaganda. And the author makes use of classic strategies of sale throughout the article. One is to create a sense of urgency. The fake reporter says Brazil's economic elite is pushing in court for the product to be sold only under astronomical prices. However, the manufacturer said the alleged team "story" that the Focus X is still sold by the original price. That sort of, in possession of their credit card installments in up to 6x without interest and wanting to get richer, rich or more intelligent, clever!

The message is clear: the richest minds in the country do not want you to use the Focus X. That's because you become so intelligent and capable, which soon would threaten their power over the Brazilian economy. So one has to run to buy your product, and you do not think. Go and buy on an impulse even intuitive.

Now let the true origin of the facts. Despite the alleged and numerous legal procedures that run in the Brazilian Justice on the Focus X, I found one that was, or the Surface or the Deep Web. In a query to JusBrasil, which gives free access to all Brazilian legal information, these are the results for research that talks about the Focus X in the last year:

Curious and very strange, because, according to the "report", the court would also have to rule on the approval of gari José Rodrigues. According to the judges, which by the way if you want are quoted in the matter, nor their sources, it was not doping, since the product is "all natural". The database of JusBrasil must be so outdated.

Let's talk Myth 100% natural: extracted opium poppy, it is also completely natural. But there is good reason, however, for you do not use it in their day-to-day or may have serious problems. In addition, the website brings a print screen of a particular matter of Forbes, an internationally renowned magazine, on FocusX.

The report calls the product the title of "Viagra for the brain". Bullshit! The report, written by Robert Langreth, author of the Forbes there. But it does not speak at any time on the Focus X or any other drug in particular. See the article published in the supposed site of Focus X above, which is completely FALSE and true article published by Forbes below:

Yet found, a supposed study by "Neuroscience Institute at the University Miami," where it was proved the wonders of Focus X. See with your own eyes, reader. Advance that, according to the survey, more than 2,000 volunteers in the study doubled their "mental activity linked to memory" using the Focus X:

The image used to illustrate the fake study may even impress. But in fact, it was taken from Neurowiki website, which pointed out, in 2012, the differences between the brain "normal" and in the consumption of alcohol. The lighter the color, the greater the brain activity. The left image is the brain of an alcoholic. Note that almost all the activity of the brain is depressed. But this has nothing to do with the use of Focus X.

On the website which is totally false, there is a space for comments coming from social networks. They look legitimate. In reality they are all written by our own miraculous "reporter." It uses image are people who do not even have the idea that your photos were taken away for this purpose. Still, to increase the credibility of the product, it is shown in the sidebar images of a news programs of Rede Globo, identified as Jornal Nacional and the Jornal da Globo, about FocusX.
These images resemble the players of Youtube videos. It seems that would be enough click them to start watching what journalists the globe tell us about the spectacular Focus X. But it just mounts. By clicking on one of them, does not open any video. Only occurs redirecting to the site "Official FocusX", which was recorded for 39 days.

The owner of Focus Official X is certainly the same as planted the FocusX News on site visually similar to the Contests in Brazil. It turns out that, in FocusX Officer, he makes a play even dirtier and criminal. He improperly uses the image of some foreigners as "real people stories" about FocusX. Stating that these people live in Brazil and use such supplement, and of course I was behind the true identity them and realized a small complaint.

The picture is even a "real person." But Luis Roig, the man who appears in the photo, lives an ocean away from Belo Horizonte. He is a software developer and graphic designer who lives in Madrid and never want heard of such FocusX.

Juliana Juliana is not, but rather Angelica. And not even speak Portuguese. And it's one that has never used the Focus X and having his image used for illicit purposes:

Finally, John P., Guarulhos received back their mental focus with the FocusX, according to the website itself:

It turns out that John Foot Santiago Garcia. You know: a Spaniard who never in life used FocusX announced on their official website.

But after all, what comes in capsules of Focus X?
We already know that advertising is misleading, and that was made using the most cunning and unscrupulous means possible and imaginable, in an amazing effort to deceive the digital consumer, for you certainly will not find this supplement at a pharmacy.

But when you click "buy", what happens?
  • The seller simply gets the money and never gives the guys?
  • The seller sends a "Focus X", really, for your home?
  • If there is a Focus X, who makes it?
  • And what is your actual composition?

I was also behind those answers. The first step was to contact the ANVISA, the National Health Surveillance Agency. Contact via phone, I questioned if that product had some kind of record. I also made a specific question: is legitimate to make claims like those reported here (listed in FocusX Official website) in advertising a food supplement? See the full text of the Central Public Service Anvisa answer:

Yes, according to the Agency, the allegations made these advertisements violated the law. It may not link a food supplement at any health benefit, just because he is considered only a food. Do not have therapeutic properties, it is not a drug. It can not be sold as such even released. But anyway, it does not help us much. As reported above, the FocusX product is not registered in Anvisa. But that does not mean that the FocusX does not exist, because the dietary supplements has no obligation to register. According to the RDC 27/2010, vitamin and mineral supplements are exempt from that formality.

So I bought 6 bottles and even won two for a very attractive value. Just to see what would happen for real, and respond precisely to your question, who might be coming in your mind right now. This, according to the application identified below:

It is pleased to publish this time the actual wording of the last great advance in medicine in accordance with the safe and also fictitious sources that have been submitted not so famous FocusX, original and true. Get ready for the biggest news in pharmacology in all history, is it?

The product is formed by vitamin B complex, and magnesium. According to the manufacturer, the product also has something called "Focus Nano X", which, according to information gathered via telephone and a chemical analysis by myself requested a trusted laboratory and renowned throughout Brazil, it is "omega 3 nano encapsulated ". This is the formula that promises to increase your IQ by 47%.

The Focus X has all the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of thiamine (B1), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), and cobalamin (B12). And sin precisely in the vitamin B complex most linked to memory - vitamin B4, or hill. Ironic. Still, the product says it "does not contain significant amounts of fat." This is not true. Like any omega 3 supplement, there must be fat in the composition. So I ask you, where is the active ingredient that supposedly could improve synapse in your brain or your cognitive performance?

For you who do not really understand these issues, the active ingredient or drug itself, are substances that exist in the composition of the product, responsible for its therapeutic effect, which combined, the give specific characteristics such as drugs for various treatments.
As can clearly observe the above given formulas, have each drug molecular structure that can be reproduced in the laboratory. Today, it is well known in Brazil as Generic Drugs. The first composition is that of Piracetam and the second of modafinil. Yes these are true nootropics which combined with a balanced diet and some vitamin B complex, can yes and scientifically proven to improve and your cognition.

Outsourced Production

The Label Focus X bears the inscription of the company that produces it. It turns out that this is a company that provides an outsourcing service: it solely manufactures dietary supplements under order from a customer.

On the company's website, it says that "ensures the process from the arrival of raw materials to the output of the product." I came in contact with the company. The responsible official met me promptly. She enlightened me on how this best outsourcing service works. "From the customer's request, we buy the raw material, encapsulate and label the product. We have nothing to do with marketing and advertising. Only produce the product in the customer's order," explained the official.

It is: a company that only provides the service to produce what a customer asked, and has nothing to do with disclosure. The question is to find out who would be interested in her services. Who would make such a suggestive name supplement called Focus X, accompanied, of course, an image no less suggestive than a brain so enlightened.

The distributor of the Focus X

Also note on the label the Focus distributor of information X. After the stages of production, the Focus X is sent to a second company which is in the West Zone of São Paulo. They are in charge of the distribution and retail marketing itself, the FocusX.

Knowing CNPJ of the company, I consulted the website of the IRS. There, it can get more information about corporations. The property has the trade name of "Good Shop TV". The name may seem strange. It is that in addition to market food retail products, namely food supplements, Good Shop TV also acts in "home appliances trade and audio and video equipment."

Searching for the Good Shop TV on Google, what stands out most is the list of complaints about the company in question in Claim Here. Hundreds of consumers who leave their messages on the website only receive a standardized company message. Only 19.4% of clients reported they would deal with the Good Shop TV.

A Good Shop TV excels in the field of various dietary supplements and not only depend on the Focus X, but rather, a range of other so-called supplements as "natural" that, according to advertisements, are miraculous. The big problem lies in the fact that the company work with affiliations among the most varied, in which third parties can sell the product, and claim whatever they want.

Another point not least, leads us to the understanding of exactly what the Good Shop TV markets, which is the technical vision, a food. Also the provisions description language in the IRS on the activities of Good Shop TV, the company operates in the "retail trade of food products." This means that the Good Shop TV can not market drugs only supplements.

And only foods marketed in the case of supplements, Good Shop TV, or accredited or not their products retailers, are subject to Law 986/69:

"You can not have drug or therapeutic purpose, whatever the form of presentation or the way it is taught."

The Good Shop TV Products always end up suffering propaganda, with benefits not approved by Anvisa, in other resale sites. And coincidentally, they follow the same style as abusive, improper and fraudulent disclosure, for the sole purpose of misleading the consumer.

Another miraculous product, marketed by this company is such AlluraPlex Bio. A vitamin and mineral supplement that promises therapeutic purposes, independent sites on the Good Shop TV. If, vitamins and minerals, which are sold for astronomical amounts, would be able to combat baldness. The appearance of the site looks familiar, it's no coincidence. Change the product, but the layout has profound similarities with the Focus X Official website. To support the efficacy of the product, the story of real men, with real results, are offered. One of them is Paulo:

In addition to happy and satisfied with the correction of its flaws, Paul is also a model of Fotolia, a bank of paid images, ie real has absolutely nothing. see:

Internet, astronomical values are offered by Focus X. Check out an independent website and the values practiced by him:

60 capsules B complex, magnesium and omega 3 in unknown quantities, for 150 reais, it is too high for the product in question. Contact Good Shop TV, the company says it is aware of the placement of such false advertising on some websites. The company also said it has taken and is taking legal measures and even notified the websites that make such advertising supplements for therapeutic purposes, which is not consistent with the truth itself.

No wonder that a profile in the free market that sells products like the Focus X, Neurofos, which has sales strategies similar to those of Focus X, but was produced by SunFlower, and AlluraPlex Bio has hundreds of sales. Since we already know that the free market is who else helps bandits in Brazil to commit their crimes.

I'm quite concerned about you, the consumer who might be being deceived by such company, and for this reason I wrote this. Your money will be better spent elsewhere. The true nootropics, miracle solutions are not in any way. And how drugs should only be used under medical prescription. Also, these medications will not ever, your IQ increase by 47%. But studying the background, you will understand more how each of these intellectual functions can be optimized for this class of drugs, based on scientific studies done on them.


It is very difficult for me to understand why many people fall into deception as the magical promises of Focus X. With websites offering beauty, health and intelligence at a very attractive price. Natural desires of man, in an attractive garb and, for many, convincing. It is very easy to go ahead and push the button "buy". However, there is another side of the story. It is as I said in my other article about the Deep Net. That can actually turn out to be only a small tip of a gigantic iceberg lost in the South Atlantic. But it certainly has some truth, even if it is to let you awake and somewhat more concentrated. Each pill that I take, cost me at least 100 real unity. And that yes, proven to work. And in any way I blame the companies that sell the Focus X, as they may be trying to deceive us, as always. But contrary to what one might imagine, the information that they pass worth more than 6 installments 59.92 card. This for those who like me, take their issues very seriously.

And all is not really lie. Because there are yes, some drugs that really are able to leave you more concentrated and focused on what you are doing, and consequently improve the way in which your brain works and organizes the information as a whole. Not that this will make you use more or less parts of the brain, or increase their IQ, in any way. This does not exist. A person increases his IQ studying, practicing reading and reflecting on what others want you to believe in the whole context of life. A person who does not doubt what has already been written can not write his own story. What we call geniuses of the Financial Market and Technology, it is nothing more than people who have a synapse better than the others around him. And we seek just that.

Practically, the Focus X is the base formulation of my NZT 100. And what they call Nano X® is nothing more than the pyridoxine. But in negligible amounts, almost undetectable in specialized laboratories.